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Sexual Harassment Claim Or Lawsuit? Our Charlotte Attorneys Can Help.

Has your place of employment turned into a hostile work environment due to sexual harassment? Are you or your management facing sexual harassment allegations from your employees? Sexual harassment is a serious issue that requires serious action. If you are involved in a situation where you are facing sexual harassment or charges of sexual harassment, an accomplished employment lawyer can be your greatest asset.

At the law firm of Maloney Law & Associates, PLLC, in Charlotte, we are committed to finding solutions to the employment law problems of employees and employers. We will approach your case as the unique legal matter it is and work hard to resolve your case in a way that makes sense for you and protects your interests.

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What Is Sexual Harassment?

While some things like aggressive physical contact and lewd comments are obvious forms of sexual harassment, others are not so easy to recognize or deter. There are many misconceptions regarding the laws in this area. For instance, the sexual orientation of the parties does not matter. A man harassing a gay woman is still considered sexual harassment.

In sexual harassment cases, it is important for employees to have actual proof of the incidents in question and be able to show that the company was put on notice about what was happening. Likewise, it is important for employers to keep all documentation and make sure that an adequate investigation is conducted along with appropriate follow-up.

Aggressive Protection Of Your Rights

Whether you are filing a claim or defending against one, you can benefit from our skills and experience. We can explain whether you have the right to sue, what you can do to defend against a suit, and represent you before the EEOC.

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